15 Must Follow Michiganders

Below are the most popular Michiganders according to Twitter
Personna Name Followers
Sean Don  Big Sean 14.3 Million
Adam Schefter Adam Scheftner 7.1 Million
Michael Moore Michael Moore 5.8 Million
Earvin Magic Johnson Earvin Magic Johnson 4.4 Million
Kate Upton Kate Upton 2.4 Million
Michael Phelps Michael Phelps 2.2 Million
Coach Harbaugh Jim Harbaugh 2.2 Million
Ginger Zee Ginger Zee 2.1 Million
Mario Batali Mario Batali 1.8 Million
Justin Verlander Justin Verlander 1.8 Million
Jalen Rose Jalen Rose 1.8 Million
Le'Veon Bell Le'Veon Bell 1.3 Million
Jamal Crawford Jamal Crawford 1.3 Million
Draymond Green Draymond Green 1.1 Million
Jemele Hill Jemele Hill

954.4 Thousand


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