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15 Must Follow Michiganders

Below are the most popular Michiganders according to Twitter Personna Name Followers   Big Sean 14.3 Million Adam Scheftner 7.1 Million Michael Moore 5.8 Million Earvin Magic Johnson 4.4 Million Kate Upton 2.4 Million Michael Phelps 2.2 Million Jim Harbaugh 2.2 Million Ginger Zee 2.1 Million Mario Batali 1.8 Million Justin Verlander 1.8 Million Jalen Rose 1.8 Million Le'Veon Bell 1.3 Million Jamal Crawford 1.3 Million Draymond Green 1.1 Million Jemele Hill 954.4 Thousand   Who are we missing? Let us know on Facebook.

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WATCH: Top Secret Toboggan Run in Michigan

Are you looking to have the best time of your life this winter? If so, then you need to sneak off to City Forest Park located in Midland, Michigan! During the Summer the park looks like an abandon rail way, but in the winter it looks like toboggan heaven! The park offers two lanes for competitive racing.  The park is kept a secret so sneak away with some friends and family and have the toboggan run of a lifetime.  

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WATCH: Top Secret Roller Coaster in Michigan

Introducing the Crystal Coaster Alpine Slide. This thrill of a slide is located at Crystal Mountain Resort just southwest of Traverse City, Michigan.   Crystal Mountain is a Resort that offers a wide variety of things to do but arguably the most exciting is their one of a kind cart powered, dual racing slide.     The slide carves down a mountain that in the winter is used as a ski resort. In the summer the resort uses the ski lifts to take thrill seakers to the top and allows them to challenge each other to a high speed race down the slopes.             

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